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Strongwrap Quilted Furniture Covers - Property Protection

£49.99 (Bannister Cover Black) Price includes VAT and delivery
Description Price Qty
Bannister Cover Black £49.99
Bannister Cover Navy Blue £49.99
Bannister Cover Royal Blue £49.99
Bannister Cover Red £49.99
Bannister Cover Green £49.99
Door Cover Black £58.99
Door Cover Navy Blue £58.99
Door Cover Royal Blue £58.99
Door Cover Red £58.99
Door Cover Green £58.99
Lintel Cover Black £58.99
Lintel Cover Navy Blue £58.99
Lintel Cover Royal Blue £58.99
Lintel Cover Red £58.99
Lintel Cover Green £58.99
Small Door Frame Cover Black £74.99
Small Door Frame Cover Navy Blue £74.99
Small Door Frame Cover Royal Blue £74.99
Small Door Frame Cover Red £74.99
Small Door Frame Cover Green £74.99
Large Door Frame Cover Black £84.99
Large Door Frame Cover Navy Blue £84.99
Large Door Frame Cover Royal Blue £84.99
Large Door Frame Cover Red £84.99
Large Door Frame Cover Green £84.99

These Strongwrap property protection covers are designed to protect properties and goods during the moving process.

Bannister Cover: This fully covers three sides and has cotton straps for securing in place.

Door Cover: This fully covers the door including the handle and lock mechanism. There are Velcro straps that pass through the hinges to keeping the cover in place and making it quick and easy to put on.

Lintel Cover: This cover has two metal spring clips enclosed within the fabric for quick and easy protection on all three sides.

Door Frame Covers: This cover has either two or three spring clips (dependant on size) providing coverage on all three sides and easy application.

Each cover consists of three layers, the outer is a shower resistant PU polyester, wadding in the centre, and a non-abrasive black material inside to protect goods in transit.
Used by professional moving companies, these covers are long lasting and can be used time and time again.

*** These items are made to order, and can take three weeks to be manufactured please contact us for a delivery estimate ***


Bannister Cover - 940mm x 3050mm

Door Cover - 900mm x 2000mm

Lintel Cover - 600mm

Small Door Frame Cover - 1800mm

Large Door Frame Cover - 2100mm