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Dining Table & Chair Covers - Strongwrap Quilted Furniture Covers

£36.99 (Dining Chair (Dropover) Black) Price includes VAT and delivery
Description Price Qty
Dining Chair (Dropover) Black £36.99
Dining Chair (Dropover) Navy Blue £36.99
Dining Chair (Dropover) Royal Blue £36.99
Dining Chair (Dropover) Red £36.99
Dining Chair (Dropover) Green £36.99
Standard Dining Chair (Drawstring) Black £46.99
Standard Dining Chair (Drawstring) Navy Blue £46.99
Standard Dining Chair (Drawstring) Royal Blue £46.99
Standard Dining Chair (Drawstring) Red £46.99
Standard Dining Chair (Drawstring) Green £46.99
Tall Dining Chair (Drawstring) Black £54.99
Tall Dining Chair (Drawstring) Navy Blue £54.99
Tall Dining Chair (Drawstring) Royal Blue £54.99
Tall Dining Chair (Drawstring) Red £54.99
Tall Dining Chair (Drawstring) Green £54.99
Table Top Cover Black £49.99
Table Top Cover Navy Blue £49.99
Table Top Cover Royal Blue £49.99
Table Top Cover Red £49.99
Table Top Cover Green £49.99

Dining chair cover (pictured) - A drop over cover fully covering legs, back and seat.

Drawstring chair bag - Can cover two chairs when they are stacked one upright and one upside down. Closes at the top with a drawstring fastening.

Table - With an elasticated hem, the table can stretch to accommodate various sizes. There are also chords attach to ensure a secure fit.

Each cover consists of three layers, the outer is a shower resistant PU polyester, wadding in the centre, and a non-abrasive black material inside to protect goods in transit.
Used by professional moving companies, these covers are long-lasting and can be used time and time again.

*** These items are made to order, and can take three weeks to be manufactured please contact us for a delivery estimate ***


Dining chair cover with tie tapes (540 x 540 x 990mm) 

Standard drawstring dining chair bag (600 x 600 x 1000mm)                                                               
Tall drawstring dining chair bag (600 x 600 x 1300mm)                                                                        
Dining table top cover elasticated with ties (1470 x 2280mm)