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White Packing & Tissue Paper

White Wrapping Paper 10kg packs (ream)

£25.41 (1 Pack)
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Description Price Qty
1 Pack £25.41
2 x Packs £46.39
3 x Packs £66.81
6 x Packs £129.20
12 x Packs £245.09
24 x Packs £463.55

Packs of white wrapping paper. Pack size 10kg (full ream, 600 sheets approx). Sheet size 18 inches x 30 inches. Choose the quantity you require from the table below.

This paper is also known as news offcuts or 'chip shop paper'. It is ideal for wrapping crockery, ornaments and other household items to protect them during removals and storage.

Our customers also buy this paper for a wide range of other uses - from puppy bedding to cheap drawing paper for playgroups.


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