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Fragile printed Parcel Packing Tape, roll size 48mm x 66m

£7.75 (2 rolls)
Price includes VAT and delivery
Description Price Qty
2 rolls £7.75
6 rolls £19.95
12 rolls £37.95
36 rolls £58.32
72 rolls £99.95
180 rolls £207.00

Fragile printed (red on white) strong packing/parcel tape. Each roll 66mm long and 48mm wide.

Choose the number of rolls you require from the table above.

We can supply all types and quantities of tape. Just give us a call to discuss your requirements if don't see what you want.


"."Tony R  –  23/11/2023

"Fantastic company "Damien  –  28/09/2022

" bit too thin and not strong enough as expected"Anrea  –  15/08/2022

"Great for fragiles"Barbara oscroft  –  09/06/2022

"Good Tape"Ros  –  17/10/2020

"Good as expected"Patrick  –  10/07/2020