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Heavy Duty Polythene Sofa Dust Cover Storage Bag Rolls

£69.95 (2 Seat Roll (40 Bags)) Price includes VAT and delivery
Description Price Qty
Armchair Roll (55 Bags) £89.95
2 Seat Roll (40 Bags) £69.95
3 Seat Roll (35 Bags) £79.95
4 Seat Roll (35 Bags) £84.95
5 Seat Roll (35 Bags) £89.95

These Phoenix Supplies polythene furniture covers are ideal for protecting your furniture from dirt and moisture when moving house, decorating, renovating or storage.

They are a heavy duty clear polythene, (250 guage) open at one end (can be taped closed if required)

These are sold in full rolls, the standard strength bags are available individually packed.

(Please check the size of all furniture carefully - there can be a considerable difference between one 2-seat sofa and another, so if in doubt, choose a larger bag)

 All bags are 250 guage

Armchair: 1829mm x 1372mm

2 Seat - 2438mm x 1372mm

3 Seat - 2743mm x 1372mm

4 Seat - 3048mm x 1372mm

5 Seat - 3353mm x 1372mm