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Clear Polythene Sofa Dust Cover Protection Storage Bag Combination Packs

£11.99 (1 x Armchair, 1 x 2-Seat & 1 x 3-Seat) Price includes VAT and delivery
Description Price Qty
1 x Armchair, 1 x 2-Seat & 1 x 3-Seat £11.99
2 x Armchair & 1 x 4-Seat £12.99

These Phoenix Supplies polythene furniture covers are ideal for protecting your furniture from dirt and moisture when moving house, decorating, renovating or storage.

They are a light duty clear polythene, open at one end (can be taped closed if required)

Choose the pack quantity you require from the table above. If you require a different combination, please call us.

(Please check the size of your furniture carefully - there can be a considerable difference between one 2-seat sofa and another, so if in doubt, choose a larger bag)

 Product Details:
Armchair - 120 Gauge / 30 Micron thickness 1829mm (width) x 1372 (height)
2 Seat - 120 Gauge / 30 Micron thickness 2438mm (length) x 1372mm (height)
3 Seat - 120 gauge/ 30m Micron thickness 2743mm (length) x 1372mm (height)
4 Seat - 120 Gauge / 30 Micron thickness 3048mm (Length) x 1372mm (height)