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Plantopia Easy Fill Wall Baskets, Black , 20"

£10.95 (1 basket) Price includes VAT and delivery
Description Price Qty
1 basket £10.95
2 baskets £14.95
3 baskets £19.95
4 baskets £24.95
5 baskets £28.95
6 baskets £33.95
8 baskets £42.95
12 baskets £58.95
20 baskets £89.95
40 baskets £173.95

These revolutionary wall mounted garden baskets, as seen on TV, have removable side panels, and are kinder to plants, with no damage to roots by squeezing. They're more environmentally friendly than using moss, are rust and rot-proof, longer lasting, and will require less watering than conventional baskets due to their built in water reservoir! These wall baskets are 20" (50cm) across, with 5 removable side panels.

Plantopia Wall Baskets - at last, a wall basket that is easy to plant up, easy to put up and easy to transport !

  • Larger size 20 inch (50cm) Plantopia black plastic wall baskets
  • Includes unique aluminium wall bracket (plus screws and plugs) which allows the basket to be hung and removed with ease.
  • Large secure base allows basket to sit upright.
  • Plantopia side planting system to allow large plants to be planted and facilitate quick turnaround - 5 panels.
  • Substantial water reservoir. Once filled, its drainage holes ensure the soil never becomes waterlogged keeping conditions ideal for growing plants.
  • At 50cm (20in) wide you can create breathtaking displays packed with colour and texture, guaranteed to impress the neighbours!
  • They are perfect for growing fruit such as strawberries or tomatoes, and raised off the ground it makes for easy picking - also out of reach from any pesky slugs or snails!
  • The Easyfill wall planter can be fixed at the perfect height for viewing, watering and deadheading, making it a real gardener's friend.
  • Manufactured in UK.