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Plantopia Water Fountain Basket Watering Device

£5.99 (1 x fountain)
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Description Price Qty
1 x fountain £5.99
2 x fountains £7.49
3 x fountains £9.99
4 x fountains £12.49
5 x fountains £13.99
6 x fountains £15.99
8 x fountains £17.99
10 x fountains £19.99

This amazing new hanging basket watering system, gets water to the centre of the basket where it is needed. It is British designed and manufactured by the team behind Plantopia Easy Fill baskets. Designed to fit the Plantopia Easy Fill range of baskets, but will also work well in many other types of basket.

Easy to insert when planting the basket up, the the flared funnel end sits neatly and unobtrusively on the edge of the basket, making it easy to fill with a hose or watering can, quickly getting feed and water to the inside of the basket - hard to reach when watering from above.

It injects water rapidly into the core of the basket without waste, in seconds. If you have forgotten to water, or been away for a few days you know how hard it is to water a dry basket - a lot of the water is wasted and the compost washed away. This device solves the problem of keeping the basket damp from the inside and avoids plant damage caused by over zealous use of a hosepipe.


"Fast delivery and great products"Andy Potter  –  29/04/2020